Cut on copper circuit board (photo color is weird).

Cut on copper circuit board (photo color is weird). This is one of Robert Bosch’s designs. I’ve broken a few bits learning how to get Z right. I’m almost ready to go for the eagle files again but art is sooooo fun to do, especially mathematical artworks like this one long line. To get the width I did 3 lines so it goes around 3 times and I run at 300mm () so it’s fun to watch :slight_smile:

That is so cool. So to get the darker color you’re going deeper on the Z only? Or are the lines closer together too? How did you calculate all of this? Did you write an app to calculate it? Or did you hand create the Gcode?

I took the image file Robert posted into ArtCAM and traced it to get 2 lines. I cut that and it did not turn out well when some double lines lost the center so I moved the 2 lines close enough to cut out the middle of them all and this is what I got. The depth is all the same, only the width varies. I tried a v-bit carve too and not only did it fail it sucked to watch it run because it does those flip ups into every corner. This one is fun to watch. Robert does giant 3d printed versions and you are very likely familiar with his Mona Lisa.

Fusion 360 does a lot of fun things but ArtCAM is set up for 2.5d art projects and makes a lot of things easier.

BTW, the Roland CNC machine is what I’d like to get to in the price range of the 3040 plus conversion. The jewelry jig it so cool and the software automates so much. I am sure the Open Source community will get there so artists can do real 3d but for their proprietary rig that is too hefty a price for most schools and home businesses. I wish there was a developer who was helping make CNC more friendly for artists who want to do real 3d. 2.5d is cool but real 3d is VERY addicting.

Back lit.
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Free software call Stipplegen do this kind of art. TSP path.

Jose, thanks, it does a whole lot more than just the TSP that I can experiment with. Looks like a great tool for artists.