Custom mallet

Purple heart with hickory handle mallet. Cnc carved ram skull to make it extra cool. First coat of tung oil applied.


Very nice piece. I’d be interested to hear more about it. The handle is really inspired.

Thanks. Fairly straight forward construction.

For the handle, when I made my first mallet many years ago I found the straight handle very uncomfortable to use so through many iterations this has become my final design (though I still play with it.)

The cut outs on the handle are slightly larger than the width of your four fingers which I found feels really good to use.

The far cut is for holding the handle for stronger strikes with the mallet and the closer cut to the head is if you want to choke up on the handle for more precise strikes.

These are designed for light to medium duty work. They will not survive heavy duty usage.

mallet construction


So, it’s been almost a year. Is the purple color holding up? My purpleheart always fades. It keeps a hint of the color, but nothing like that first application of finish.

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The color is holding up really well. I took the pic about 5 minutes ago. I have chests where the purple heart that have oxidized a bit more but definite purple tinge to the brown.


Found an old wood ring I turned about 12 years ago. Its been sitting in a drawer not in direct sunlight but still pretty oxidized. This is what most of my purple heart looks like after a decade or two.

In the sunlight you get a real purplish tinge to the wood.