Custom laser cut aluminum bed. Shauki will hate me. Speed...

(Michaël Memeteau) #1

Custom laser cut aluminum bed. Shauki will hate me.
Speed… High enough?

(Mauro Manco) #2

just plot something?

(Darkberg Aryavis) #3

I envy you already… :slight_smile:

(Michaël Memeteau) #4

@Mauro_Manco Just some test simulating printing a circle. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to melt plastic quick enough.

(Mauro Manco) #5

Know fine but can plot as Giotto at this velocity

(Eric Lien) #6

Don’t you run into dimensional problems in X/Y since the cord is not perfectly parallel to the axis of motion of the carriage? It looks like a very low angle, but it still imparts error since the relative angle changes as the side carriage approaches the corners.

I wish I could see the video, I get errors on my side when I try and view it.

(Michaël Memeteau) #7

I’ll get you a youtube version…
In theory, only the angle of forces changes, not the length (which, yes, is influenced by the walking on the drum).
Those aren’t the definitive carriage. I intend to redesign them to get the cord parallel to them. I have the solution in my head, but still have to translate it to the digital drawing board (Onshape, I mean).
I’m all about iterative design you know…
(Youtube version: