Curiosity Question,, (All condition is based on imagination,

(kamal sonani) #1

Curiosity Question,
(All condition is based on imagination, please give your opinion)

No matter which controller I pick to drive Ws2811,Ws2812b,UCS1903, or any other addressable led.

Write some code to drive them.

What if i record those output pin’s signal as audio form(bitrate is optional) after that playing that audio with lavel shifter to drive them again using audio wave form.???

Possibility %?

(Marc Miller) #2

That’s an interesting idea. Please share more as you continue to investigate!

(kamal sonani) #3


Higher bitrate audio transmission via FM radio on different chennals, and whole light show on one track

Hope you imagine this setup :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

(Daniel Garcia) #4

No - cd quality audio has a sampling rate of 44.1khz - which means you have at most 44,100 high/low values per second – WS2811’s data rate is 800kbps - but it gets worse than that, the signal for a 1 is 250ns high and 1µs low and the signal for a 0 is 625ns high and and 625ns low - which means you’d need to have an audio rate of about 4Mhz (so you could have 1 cycle high and 5 low for a 1 and 3 high and 3 low for a 0). Even high resolution audio is only 96khz.

(Jeff Hannan) #5

The bit-rate of uncompressed CD-quality audio is 1,411,200bps. 2 channels of 16 bits sampled at 44,100 times per second.