Cura 15.04.4 not retracting within a layer.

Cura 15.04.4 not retracting within a layer. Any suggestions?

I am using Cura with permiters-before-infill enabled. When printing a layer with a void inside the infill is performed in separated regions. I am finding that when the hotend finishes one infill region and moves to another it is not performing a retract and so a string results for the move.

I have set “Minimum extrusion amount” to 0 under the retraction settings because I have noticed this is required to produce retractions on RepRap style printers (Ultimaker printers seem to employ firmware retraction).

Has anyone noticed this behaviour and found a solution for it?

Travels inside of a filled island do not retract when “Combing” is enabled in the expert settings. Turning Combing off will result in a retract when moving from one part of the infill to another.

You probably want the minimum travel to be more than zero or Cura may retract after every single infill line when traveling to the next adjacent one.

The default Combing option makes sense for Cura because avoiding retractions reduces the chance of stripping the filament on the bowden extruder the Ultimaker has.

@Nick_Winters ​ I wouldn’t have made the association between combing and retraction.

My experience of combing is the avoidance of holes etc. during motion. I wouldn’t have expected retraction to factor into that.

I do have combing set to All so I’m happy with your analysis. I will try with it set to None.

Thank you.