Cullets for DWP611

Hi I am new to CNC and have a Genmitsu 4030, and have uprgaded the router to a DWP611. I would like to be able to adapt the cullet so that I do not have to use 1/4 shanks all the time, can you recommend a set of cullets that would allow me to use different bits please?

I see at least mention of 3mm, 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4" collets advertised for the DWP611. But I don’t think it’s an ER standard that you can buy a huge range in.

Elaire Corp. has a very good quality set available:

(scroll down and verify that you have the correct selection for your model)

The Precise Bits folks have even nicer setups:


That is a substantially larger range from Elaire!

Then this was a surprise at the bottom of that page:

If you require a sizes [sic] not listed, please contact us and we can accommodate

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