CubifyX A friend of mine who runs a professional prototyping company is looking to


A friend of mine who runs a professional prototyping company is looking to enhance his techpark with a cheap 3D printer (expensive ones already exist) in order to print multicoloured promotional give aways. He asked me about my opinion of the CubifyX.

I do not know any first hand reports, so I thought I would ask here.

  • multicolour support
  • ease of printing, no tech fiddling etc.
  • support for “arbitrary” models (e.g. I do not understand if you are locked into some special software stack with cubify to design your models)
  • machine is pre-build and ready to go (no tinkering required)

I would be interested in any first hand reports, links etc. I personally guess that my friend won’t be happy with the machine, but I would like to have a more informed source of information.

They are chosen by Staples as the supplier of 3D printers for their shops to sell. Must be something to it.

Maybe that something is the ability to deliver in bulk (while keeping their small time customers waiting for month)

hmmm i would go for ultimaker
, they have very good feedback from individual endusers. i was tempted to buy 1, i ended up into DIY

I wouldn’t support anything with 3DS stamped on it.

well i was wondering if formlabs did step on a toe … they did make a product that will put a dent on many big players. so i think it is only natural for those to sue away … sometimes i wonder did patents really help us make a better future? esp in the case of patent wars …

Thanks for the replies so far. Unfortunately I am still missing any real life experience. Is this thing actually already for sale?

if u mean the printer? well there are lotsa of these for sale. fully built and also kits types (cheaper). but inall cases, those that follow the open hardware formats (DIY types) takes time to setup. so yes … they are all for sale whether in full form or by parts if you like to custom them somehow. i kind of started to make my own too (and it has taken a few months cos i built nearly from scratch)