Cross posting this here and on Cohesion3D because these results couldn't be had without

Cross posting this here and on Cohesion3D because these results couldn’t be had without both Cohesion3D and LaserWeb.

Running generic Chinese K40 machine, Cohesion3DMini controller w/GRBL-LPC, LaserWeb4 on a Raspberry Pi. 3mm Baltic Birch plywood, two 150mm/s passes, 7% power. LightObjects head with air assist.

Licensed for commercial use source image by Pixabay user DarkSouls1.


Looks amazing

That’s great! I think we need to switch over to GRBL-LPC from smoothie now. Is there a tutorial on setting it up for the cohesion mini anywhere? Sorry, I have been out of the loop for a while.

@Ryan_Branch - I’m not someone who really has the patience to learn how to compile things, if you’re like me then get yourself the GRBL-LPC firmware on the Cohesion3D FreshDesk site generously provided by Jim Fong. ->

There’s no LCD and LaserWeb needs to be set up a little differently. Off the top of my head $H is the new homing command for LaserWeb and you need M4 for GCode start and remove M5 else it screws up the positioning after a job is complete. The Cohesion3D Google+ group is full of great info and if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer what I can.

Thank you! That’s great! I appreciate it.

@John_Milleker_Jr Just a little correction: You wrote it’s needed to remove M5 from the end gcode, but it should be M2 that needs to be removed (because it resets origin).

Thank you for the correction @cprezzi ! I have so many notes on the process it’s hard to keep everything straight. Tagging @Ryan_Branch so that he doesn’t take out the wrong thing.

Google+ still isn’t letting me edit the comment else I would.