Created a small 0.96" Oled Display for the BeagleBone Black.

(mike rankin) #1

Created a small 0.96" Oled Display for the BeagleBone Black. Could possibly be used to monitor uptime, ram and memory available:

(D.J. Walker-Morgan (Codepope)) #2

I need that board :slight_smile:

(Justin Triplett) #3

Very nice, I’ve been looking at oled displays to use in a project. I really like your scroll animation… should be good for all sorts of data.

(mike rankin) #4

I just put it for sale on Just search the site for BeagleBone and you will see it. Not sure if anyone would want one so I only made the one last night. Backorders are enabled so I can make one up for each order.

(D.J. Walker-Morgan (Codepope)) #5

@mike_rankin Clickity click… git solderin :slight_smile:

(Justin Triplett) #6

(Frank Earl) #7

That’s slick.

(mike rankin) #8

Previously my setup consisted of a mess of wires connected to a display on a breadboard. This is much more portable.

(George Georgiev) #9

Just ordered one, and while waiting for it to be assembled / shipped - how one will talk to the display? I cannot find any mention of interface spec

(D.J. Walker-Morgan (Codepope)) #10

@George_Georgiev Look here -

(George Georgiev) #11

Thank you, DJ! That’s good start.

(mike rankin) #12

Packaging up your display now to ship out tomorrow morning.

(D.J. Walker-Morgan (Codepope)) #13

And now landeded here…

First comment… anyway to move the board a smidege more into the body of BBB? It was soooo close to fitting inside

(mike rankin) #14

Good idea. I have no case for mine and never thought of mounting it more towards the middle.

(George Georgiev) #15

@mike_rankin , I have finally came to that project, and I am trying to make it work on Debian’ BBB (kernel 3.8.13). Do you happen to have a pinout of your LCD, I would rather not reverse-engineer it unless I have to :wink:

(mike rankin) #16

Email me and I’ll attach the schematic.

(George Georgiev) #17

@mike_rankin - ggeorgiev2001 at gmail com Thanks!