Create an about page

(Steven Smethurst) #1

When I heard that the FastLED G+ community was being moved here, my first question was Who “owns” ? Why is the content being imported in here? Is it being done with the G+ community moderators consent? What is the content licence for the forum (creative commons?). Is this a the work of a for-profit company or a non-for-profit org, Who is paying for the servers?, Etc…

Then I found these two posts that helped me figure out what is going on.

These two posts gave me confidence in what is happening here and even encouraged me to post some of my own projects.

My suggestion is to create a about page, or a global stick post that describes whats going on here, who, and why.

Looking forward to great things.

(Michael K Johnson) #2

Thank you, @Steven_Smethurst, and welcome to the forums!

Under the “hamburger menu” at the upper right next to your avatar, you will see a link to the Discourse-generated About page. The summary there could probably be enhanced and expanded. Similarly, the ToS and PP need some small updates regarding irrelevancies for this instance of Discourse, and that’s a current discussion for site administrators but not a completed task.