CP seems to be drawing a tool path that does not produce the result

CP seems to be drawing a tool path that does not produce the result indicated by my board drawing. Using EagleCad, my board includes a pin pad, and both the board and schematic views seem to show that each of the pins are isolated, as they should be. However, the CP render (and, no surprise, the board it actually produces) do not isolate some of the pins. I will post screen shots momentarily.

Here is the EagleCad board view. If I understand this correctly, each of the pins should be isolated.
missing/deleted image from Google+

And here is the CP render. If I understand it correctly, none of the copper adjoining the pins that are not connected to anything will be cut, so the pins will not be isolated. That surprises me, but maybe it doesn’t matter so CP is smart enough to not waste time cutting isolation?
missing/deleted image from Google+

The Eagle BRD widget is being somewhat smart here. It looks at similar signals and keeps those together. Those signals are probably undefined, and thus it treats them as the same signal. Just mouse over the pad to see the signal name and it’ll hilite all similar signals. If you want to isolate, give a different signal name to each in Eagle.

Negative. Look at my 3 pin JST there. Only the center pin is connected, the rest are defined and while they are all identified during mouse over they are separated. I have a hunch that you don’t have a Gnd plane defined. I suspect that is the difference between your board and mine.