Could Printrbot's new Play be the greatest 3D printer ever made?

Could Printrbot’s new Play be the greatest 3D printer ever made?


Honestly I figured it would be the usual printrbot 5 star quality but man that thing prints better out of the box than my reprap after 9 months.
Great video Tom and gosh what a great printer Printrbot

Is that an extruder I see before me?

If @Brook_Drumm ​ could take the construction of this machine and create something with a larger build envelope and dual extruder that would be a real winner.

@Neil_Darlow ​ Printrbot Plus v2?

@Griffin_Paquette Printrbot play mega?

I don’t believe the single Z motor design would work properly on a larger printer. The shorter run makes binding a non issue but may be an issue over longer distances.

@Michael_Spano_Jr_Ama I agree with you, but that is a simple enough fix by adding another z motor. I think that the aluminum backbone is a great idea and the injection molded bearing holders really help. Its the little things on this printer that really help.

So the metal plus has dual z motors and a really nice rail and cart setup for the x axis and extruder carriage. The smooth rod bearing holders are long like two bearings for stability. I’m just wondering what is not favorable on the metal plus?

The linear rails are not thet great.

I see. I guess that’s a valid reason to want to go back to the smooth rod. I had a little trouble on my Y axis but that’s been worked out for some time now. I personally haven’t noticed a difference. Everyone has their preference though.

What upgrades would you recommend for the Simple Metal? Are the All Metal ubis and Alu V2, worth getting? I’m trying to get the heated bed over 100° c, but it’s stuck at 80° c. Would powering direct through the supply using a SSrelay, or do I need to replace the bed with a silcone 12v or 120v? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

The beds are advertised as 80C max. Some people have gotten theirs over 100C with a relay and separate supply. I usually don’t have an issue printing ABS with the bed at 80C hairspray and a good preheat always works well for me. The alu extruder v2 is good if you want a more consistent flexible material experience. The metal ubis is good if you want to use some exotics that require super high print Temps. Moving to the metal Ubis isn’t going to change your print quality.

+Ed Crutchley Alu V2 is much more worth getting than the All Metal ubis hotend. Alu V2 is only $29 at the moment and enables you to print easily with more filaments, so I would consider buying the Alu V2 as an upgrade. People also seem to be very satisfied with the alu v2, and I can’t find anyone complaining about a faulty Alu V2.

The All Metal ubis really only allows you to print at higher temperatures, and is slightly more precise. However people seem to be having problems with it, so I would go for alu v2