cost-effective pin bed:

cost-effective pin bed:

How did you attach the studs to the holes in the plate? Are they press fit?

@Scorch the studs are threaded and come with screws

I’ve got a perforated plate on mine and use these studs. I found that if I screw the 3mm thread in and cut the head off I can just position then where I need for cutting acrylic of wood and remove them when I can’t get card to sit flat to cut.

I’m using the same principal with an even more cheaper solution: using a tile (bottom side up) and super-glue nails with totally flat nailheads. Optionally you can fix the nails with a thin layer of plaster. I’m very happy about this solution because I have practiacllly no reflection destroying my workpiece . The (black) nails are coming from a hardware-store in germany (BAUHAUS).


@java_lang now that’s dedication, how long does that take to make?

@Andy_Shilling Well, it was a hard hour or maybe two, but it was worth, I’m using the bed one year now…

@Andy_Shilling One more advantage of using a tile was that I didn’t have to mark the nail positions, because there was already a (diamond) structure with the wanted spacing. So I could immediately start with gluing :slight_smile: