Corner brackets and Z shafts have arrived today.

Corner brackets and Z shafts have arrived today.
How important is precise alignment of the Z shafts? I’ve measured and placed them in the middle and the linear bearings seem to be running fine. Is there a more sophisticated way of aligning them?

Alignment is pretty important. But smooth travel will let you know if things are wrong. One thing, I think the white bed supports you have will need to be replaced with the newer version. I had to move the lead screw spacing when I designed the lower mounts.

Yes, that’s something I noticed when doing my CAD work recently. Your bed supports and z screw/rod style are incompatible.

There isn’t really a super precise way of positioning the z shafts, at least that I know of, besides careful measurement and placement. It worked fine for me.

@Erik_Scott they are compatible with themselves, just not compatible between V1 and V2. The reason is clearance for the leadscrew pulley. On V2 it is above instead of below the lower mount. I had to move the screws in towards the center-line for clearance.

That’s what I meant. when I said ‘your’ I was referring to Oliver’s printed parts in the picture, not the components in your cad files. Sorry for any confusion.

I figured that’s what you meant. I just wanted to clarify for others.

@Oliver_Seiler Wow nice!

Oops. Thanks for the heads up :wink: