COREXY not reacted on end-stop trigerred when homing

I build corexy kinematic system with smothie. Image here:

Smoothie fleshed by last firmware and donwnloaded and writed to card last config.
Six optical end-stops (mins and maxs on all axes).
All triggering work fine! Use M119 command from pronterface, and trigerred all end-stops one by one. State 1-0 changed. Untriggered = 0, triggered = 1.
I disconnect belts for prevent damage mechaniks.
Homing procedure work ONLY when “arm_solution cartesian”. And work FINE. Motors stops when end stop triggered.
When I write in a config “arm_solution corexy” and “corexy_homing true”, when I try to do homing the motors rotates without stopping when end-stop triggered.
It feels like end-stop just doesn’t exist…
I dont understand problem…

Sounds like you want to invert your min and max endstops ( physically or in config ), or change from home_to_min to home_to_max on some of the axes. Plenty of things/combinations to try there, tell us what each does.

What board do you have ?