COREXY moving in all directions.

COREXY moving in all directions. End stops not mounted just plunged into the RAMPS with pig tales.


Looks nice.

Great job Wayne. Let me know how circles turn out. For some reason I really fight that on mine. I think I need to come up with a better tensioning system.

Also it looks like frame buckle is getting you at the corners where the triangles I mentioned before applies a torque due to the height transition to the idler.

Looks like just the slights buckle on the left side. Very hard to detect. I didn’t even see that until you said. Tricky to get everything going in the correct directions and then make the endstops work in the corners you want. Next go around i will try over and under. No calculation of steps yet, just movement

I like this, almost makes me want to re-design my printer :slight_smile:

Following mine may not be best choice as i am no expert or 3D printer authority.


Thanks guys