Copy of the G+ community

We have great news! Michael K Johnston will be archiving the G+ community for us AND is working on an import routine to bring the content into Discourse. The years of knowledge will not be lost. The first step will be a static version of the information hosted on The second step will be importing the content into Discourse. We will keep you updated on the progress of this. Exciting times are ahead for this forum.


Do you know how he will work ? what info he will get ? (photo & links in comments ?)

As far I understand G+ will disclose tools early March to owner and moderator (only) to DL the full community content.

So Michael K Johnston will need to approach us, as he isn’t a moderator.

I saw a g+ exchange with you some time ago, but I am not able to find it anymore, any link to a latest public conversation ?

Google+ Mass Migration

also :

Micheal wrote his own tools to scrape the info into a static site.

I have sucessfuly used the G+ script to get a static snapshot of the 4800 existing posts in the group. Building the web app to display it tonight. Will update the content before it dissapers for good.

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The link you gave for the migration is live now and it works. I have downloaded the site and will keep doing so regularly until the end.

It downloaded, but would not make the static site, just hung. Will keep you updated.

Thank you @mike johnson…
How do we buy beers on this forum!

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Micheal is a superstar. I have created a gitlab project for the data and made Micheal a maintainer so he can load in all the data. Then we can just link to the site until Micheal can write the discourse merge program to get all the posts into discourse (All 4800 or so of them!)

Hi! Michael K Johnson here. Working on making be useful, especially when el goog gets around to indexing the content in its new location (which should be before they take the axe to G+).

Just to be clear, my total Ruby experience is 10 minutes of reading the tutorial a few days ago, so anyone here with some Ruby experience can work with me to make it more likely that an import into Discourse can happen for real. Some of what needs to be done is fairly obvious, but I haven’t figured out how to write an import script that actually adds images to Discourse posts.

Also, be aware that there are about 1200 missing images/videos in the import, for a variety of reasons. There are about 6GB of images preserved, so it’s not like there’s no content there, but the archive isn’t truly complete.

Finally, short of helping with the Discourse import script, improving the theme for the archive would be welcome. It’s the “minima” theme which, well, lives up to its name! :slight_smile: You can submit a merge request at if you tweak the theme to make it more beautiful.


Can’t thank you enough for the help you have provided us.

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@donkjr I have enough beer; doesn’t take much. :grinning:

I’d say if you find an opportunity to pay it forward, take it.