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I am working towards the start up of my K40. I have bought a bucket, different, better pump, distilled water, 25 litres. Also as recommended Dawn washing up liquid and Tetra Anti algae. I intended to use the secret recipe as the additive. my problem was measuring drops. I sourced an eye dropper and after practicing with it found it impossible to count the number of drops. After research ont tinter net, I am from Lancashire, I found ten drops equal 0.5 0f a millilitre. I can measure the small amount needed precisely now I have purchased a plastic syringe from Amazon it’s marked in fractions of millilitres. So I intend to add 0.5 of both of the above to my 25 litres of water. That is unless someone with more experience of these thing,s posts I have got it wrong.

Algaecide for Algae Prevention
Algaecide: Tetra Algea Control
Active ingredients: 5% Poly [Oxyethylene (Dimethyliminio) Ethylene (Dimethylimino)
Ethylene (Dimethylimino) Ethylene Dichoride]
Recommended dose for Aquariums: 1ml per 12 gallons, 1 drop (.084ml) per 1 gal (3.8L)
Conductivity measurements: 1 drop added to 1 gallon of fresh distilled water.

I added 1/4 oz of Dawn to 3 gallons after the test above. It did not change the conductivity and it did not stop the bubbles.

This is referenced from the Getting Started article:

I don’t think the amount of additive has to be that precisemeasured.
When I did the test I used an eyedropper and probably was +/- a drop :).

@NedMan ?

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