Cool stuff going on at Printrbot ! Originally shared by Brook Drumm Open RC

Cool stuff going on at @Printrbot !

Originally shared by Brook Drumm

Open RC inspired Nick at Printrbot to start developing active suspension. This is a first proof of concept. The code is almost done. Not only is ride height adjustable, it can lean into corners! Can’t wait to start playing with it.

Have you measured The forces exerted to the servo arms ? What torque servo are you using?

Those poor servo gears… Still, they’ll probably last long enough to explore the concept.

This is awesome… I suggest looking at different way to transfer torque (as @Dale_Dunn and @R_Vass ) mention. You should look at gearing or a linkage that reduces feedback from the wheel to the servo. This could be as simple as a worm gear.

Seems like a good application for a Linear actuator / solenoid or perhaps a worm drive of some sort!

All worth looking at. We figure that the simplest approach is best until some data is available. Don’t know the specks off the too, but happy to post when I find out.

Printing the open r/c is a challenge and the drivetrain stumped me and stalled the project. I like to design with easily accessible hardware and all the crazy bearings, pins and whatnot (and poor documentation on the BOM) left me frustrated and wanting to use hardware j carry in my shop, like 624 bearings, or even 608s… Form factor would suffer a but maybe worth a look.

I agree with you the concept is very nice and your approach for a research purpose is correct too as long as you are driving on a flat surface i dont think you have any concern only when you hit a bump we dont know how the servos withstand the shock and behave. But please keep us posted of your results we like to see the outcome and good luck.

cool, i wonder what you can do with this, though i would think that hydraulics of some sort would be vastly better suited.

Hydraulics! Servos and syringes would be cool! Just to say you have adaptive hydraulic suspension… Nice.

How do you plan to control the two servos? Manually via the R/C or using some sort of microcontroller?

Super gemacht, kannst du mir einen Rat geben?