Cool programmable LED current/volt/frequency meter

I came across this meter while doing a search for something else. It is nice but a bit pricey even though it has a lot of features. Around $65.00

AutomationDirect has added Trumeter ADM graphical panel meters to its line of electrical power products. These meters can be setup for voltmeter, ammeter of Frequency meter and provide analog meter-style visual and accurate numeric readings.

User-selectable measurement options include 0-600 AC or DC voltage, current at 0-5A direct or 0-9,999A via transducer, and frequency from 2 to 400 Hz. The panel meter provides two independent alarm outputs and two fully scaled analog monitor outputs.

With a wide horizontal and vertical viewing angle, the 40-segment programmable bar graph display has a four-character custom message/alarm area, a large 4-digit measurement display area and a starburst display area for annunciators and alarm information.

The dynamic display backlight can be set for brightness and to flash or change color (red, green, white) at a specific measurement range. Two LCD options are available, positive LCD for bright conditions or negative LCD for dark environments.

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Thecould have broken out the GPIO [assuming it has a build in processor] and make it arduino compatible?

According to the spec sheet, there are 4 outputs.
• 2x digital open collector
• 2x analog 4-20 mA