Convert ms10105 to m2 nano

have had k40 for several years, was stuck with Moshi MS10105 ver. 4.6, have a new M2 nano. any help with wiring would be appreciated.

Most of the cables are straight across. The exception being the Moshi has a 6 pin power connector and the Lhystudios board has a 4 pin. Though the connections are L, 5v, 24v, G. I had to make my own wires when I went from Lhystudios to Moshiboard (I reverse engineered the Moshiboard for MeerK40t). The flipside of that would likely require the same. You need to move from the 6 wire to the 4 wire molex.


Thanks, thats what I needed to know.

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Did you sort the power cable as I am trying to do the same so i can use k40 whisper but am confused as on the original Moshieboard it has ground 24v at one end and 5v and ground at the other but on the m2 it has lo 5v gnd and 24v
What is connected to the lo pin on the m2 nano as I just can’t seem to get my head around it as when I bought the board I thought it would be just a straight swap
Any help who’d be much appreciated

You need to hook them up correctly, this might be in a different order at points. too. I think the moshi had two center wires that were hooked to the same thing. But, there’s 4 items you need to connect and they are the same on the card and the power supply it’s just the molex connector for the power might just be worthless for the connection there.

The L isn’t low, it’s Laser.


Also, if you just need to test it. The bleeding edge MeerK40t is Moshiboard compatible. Though I still feel like the M2 is an upgrade.


Thanks, David. Actually still waiting for M2, slow boat from China. I might have to try the meerk40t.

Baz, haven’t tried it out yet, but I think i’m gonna try the meerk40t solution while I’m waiting on the card.