Controlling spindle via VFD from MKS DLC v2.0 controller board

Hi guys. Can someone just show me how they connected thier VFD to thier MKS DLC v2.0 controller board. I am on 99% to doing my firsr job on my setup. My only issue now is my spindle wont run through openbuilds controller. Everything works perfectly. I just cant switch my spindle on and off. All programming is done on the VFD. I am sertian my only issue is the wiring between my VFD and my controller board. So If I can just see how someone else did thiers it would be great

Post some information about the VFD you are trying to connect.

Can you start by posting a picture of your wiring? :slight_smile:

Also it’s worth posting your $$ — like this:

contents of $$ dump go here

This is my vfd and my controller board. According to my controller board manual the moter + and - is where my vfd should connect to. Se have tried multiple different connections

Part # of your VFD and /or link to manual would be useful…

That’s not clear to me. It’s where you would connect a DC motor but it’s not obviously right for a VFD.

The picture you posted doesn’t clearly show how you have connected the wires.

This looks like a YL620 series. I’m expecting to have a direct personal interest in the answer to this question once I get the OX upgraded, because my terminals and shell look identical. :slight_smile:

See page 10 of this manual:

I think you want to connect FOR to DCM to run the spindle. Without the board in place, if you put a switch between FOR and DCM, does it control whether the spindle runs?

This looks like a closer match to the labels I have on my unit: