Control Box Picture?

Can anyone post a picture of their control box interior? I am a little confused on some of the wiring details. Specifically exactly where on the MKS-DLS to connect to the stepper drivers.

I use a tiny G therefore my box will not be useful.
Have you done a google search?
I found images for MKS-DLC but not DLS.


I’m assuming DLC here:

See the 4-pin headers under the green 8-pin headers on the image @donkjr posted? Those are the EN/STEP/DIR/GND signals. They go to EN/CLK/DIR/GND on the LV8727 drivers. You can use normal dupont 4-pin cables for that. Here’s an example that I happen to be using right now for exactly this purpose:

But really any 4-pin dupont connector will be fine. You could buy female-female 0.1"/2.54mm pitch ribbon cable of sufficient length with individual dupont connectors and tear off sets of four wires and accomplish the same thing.

Before I ran the conversation off the rails, there was what might be useful information for you in this thread:

That helps a lot. I wasn’t sure where to take the stepper signal from as it seems to be available in three places. Also, I really needed the settings for the dip switch. I was going to have the silk screen translated but now there is no need.

Next step for me it to look at the rPi image and see what the settings are. I have a rPi I am very happy with so I am hoping to not have to make a new image.

Does anyone have a $$ dump from the MKS board?

Not exactly sure what you mean; there are three; one for each axis, arranged horizontally on the board (as shown in the image).

If you meant the different kinds of headers:

  • The black 4-headers are labeled with signals and have the signals on them
  • The green/black stepstick headers also have signals embedded in them, since they convert from those signals to stepper motor control. (For other boards that don’t break the signals out to a separate header, External Stepper Driver Adapter for Cohesion3D Mini - Cohesion3D can do that from the stepstick socket.)
  • The red/blue/green connectors are for the stepper motor, and are provided from the stepstick if you have one, and are not connected otherwise.

(My $$ dump wouldn’t help you because I have an OX.)

Not sure what you mean by a $$ dump, but here is my guess. You should remember that I’ve had some problems with my system and it is still not right, so this could be incomplete or even have bad data.


Hope it helps.

Thank you! That is a great place to start for me.

And thank you for the explanation of the headers.

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I have my control box open and remembered your request. Might be a bit late but I’ll upload them anyway. You might see the disconnected blue wire: I tried connecting it to ground with no ill effects that I can confirm. But since I cannot command the spindle to turn since replacing the bad RPi micro SD card I have a feeling something is wrong in here so I have disconnected that blue wire again in these photos.

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