Considering my options I bite the bullet and bought a sheet of 1/8" thick

Considering my options I bite the bullet and bought a sheet of 1/8" thick 5052 aluminum. I think it’s enough to cut out 3 build plates with some material to spare. Anyone needing a build plate for their Eustathios V2? After I have them cut I’ll post pic’s and I’ll also have a price.

I would very much like one. I will be getting a CNC router soon, but not immediately. My printer re-build could be done much sooner if I had the plate now.

I’ll try to get it cut tomorrow.

Can you cut one for Herculien?

Not sure if I can Dat, I’ll prep the sheet and see what I can do. But I’m not making any promises I can’t keep.

Sure @Gus_Montoya , thank you for sharing with the community. Let me know what you find out.

So I found a place that can use a plasma cutter to cut the build plate. Some minor filing will be required when you receive the build plate. I can fit 3 Eustathios or 2 Eustathios and 1 herculein build plate. Total comes out to $49 plus shipping each. I am located in San Diego so naturally the closer you are the cheaper the shipping.

That’s pretty reasonable!

I need one more person for either an Eustathios or herculein. Anyone else? Given that the plasma cutter is fully digital, the cuts will be spot on. Screw holes will be included for exception of counter sinking. That will be done by you. @Erik your in for a Eustathios correct?

Yes, an Eustathios bed for me, please!

Thank you Erik, @Dat_Chu are you in? Or will you use your supplier?

@Erik_Scott Sheet metal dropped off. Will pick up tomorrow. I hope to have it mailed out Thursday. Can you send me your address? I’ll have a final price for you after I get the peices and boxed, weighed etc.

@Gus_Montoya I will go with the supplier on the BOM since I need the aluminum angles as well. Thanks for organizing this and especially for checking back with me.