Considering a lot of people are starting to use magnetic ball joints and welding

(Shai Schechter) #1

Considering a lot of people are starting to use magnetic ball joints and welding screws to the hardened steel balls is something that not everyone has access to/can do, I was wondering how much interest there is to get these manufactured?

The ones in the picture are 15mm diameter with M3 threading half way. Of course we can do larger size and produce matching magnetic joints that attach to the balls.

Let me know if you’re interested. If there’s enough interest, we can get them in stock in about 2 weeks time.

(Carlton Dodd) #2

I’d buy a set (12) or more, depending on price.

(Doug Rector) #3

Considering the fun we have been having trying to drill them - put me on the waiting list for 24 or 36 depending on the pricing of course. Our design doesn’t require threading though. Just a hole. @Devin_Grady You see this?

(Shai Schechter) #4

@Doug_Rector How do you plan to attach them with just a hole but no threading? Just wondering.

(Henry Wooldridge) #5

@Shai_Schechter my guess would be an epoxy of some sort. @J-B_Weld maybe?

Oh, and I would be interested in a set, myself.

(Carlton Dodd) #6

I’m guessing some kind of epoxy.

(Shai Schechter) #7

Is it just me, or has this post disappeared? Wondering if it’s my internet…

(Michael Hohensee) #8

It’s visible to me. Probably Google+ figures you’re more interested in other things. :slight_smile:

(Eric Duprey) #9

@Shai_Schechter still here

(Shai Schechter) #10

@Michael_Hohensee haha, sorry about that. My internet must have been tripping.

(Bob Roth) #11

You could cut a few threads with a carbide tap maybe.

(Kenneth Cummings) #12

You could get a lot of serious interest from the body piercing people.

(Phillip Katete) #13

More interest would be generated when you have the magnetic housing that attaches to the ball. Like @Kenneth_Cummings insinuates, these threaded balls can be got from body piercing suppliers (I know because I have a few in my toolbox, though not 15mm diameter).

(Kenneth Cummings) #14

Implies would be a nicer term. You are correct about attached magnetic housings. The actual piercing jewelry had better be hypoallergenic stainless or one of the precious metals like Platinum or 18%+ Gold…

(Henry Wooldridge) #15

Or titanium with a diet Pepsi electrode wash.

(Anthony White) #16

I’d pick up a set

(Shai Schechter) #17

What size is everyone interested in? 15mm diameter works I think?

The magnetic housing is currently being made as well.

(Phillip Katete) #18

Lets say 15mm diameter. Will the housing be threaded too ? If so what size, and if not, what coupling mechanism do you intend to make available? More importantly, what price will a set (3 or 6) cost?

(Shai Schechter) #19

@Phillip_Katete By housing, you’re referring to the joint that attached to the ball? If yes, then yes it will be threaded. The threading size will be M3 of the ball and the joint attached to it (so you can screw the joint onto a rod).

Any suggestions for prices? This will help us make it more suitable for everyone.

(Phillip Katete) #20

@Shai_Schechter - I do not know your cost(s), so I can not begin to guesstimate on your pricing.
With regard to the housing, are you looking at making it out of a block? I ask because, on one end you’ll have the 15mm hollow for the ball, then a 3mm threaded bore on the other side. Or do you envisage using an insert on the 3mm end? Then you’d only need, say, a 15mm internal diameter aluminium tube and a 15mm external diameter aluminium rod that you can drill for a 3mm thread for the insert. Just thinking out loud!