Connector suggestion

Arthur, just a suggestion, but would it not be better to use RJ25 style connectors for the endstops?

Molex are cheap and readily available, however the crimp tooling can be expensive.

The RJ25 connectors are readily available as well, but the crimp tooling and even pre-assembled cables are also readily available and cheap.

Something to consider.


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Hi !

Smoothieboard has 2.54mm pin headers for the endstops. The same kind other boards use.
It will come unsoldered in the base version, so you’ll be able to solder either 2.54mm pins, or 2.54mm screw terminals.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean for molex, do you have a link/reference ?

Cheers !

2.54mm, molex invented that style of connector.

Well, smoothieboard will use 2.54mm pin spacing because it’s more “tinker friendly” : it allows you to solder whatever connector you want, that can be bare pins, like on lots of reprap boards, connectors, like on some others, or screw terminals, which is also pretty neat.
RJ25 connectors are neat, but offer less options : if I put those there, then you have no other option but RJ25.

What do you think about the board otherwise ?

Trying to post links, but I don’t have enough posts on the site yet.