Connection a SmoothieBoard to another board


I’m trying to build a 3d delta printer, which has to print on a rotating platter.
In order to do that, I would need to connect my SmoothieBoard with another board (which might be another SmoothieBoard), one would control the delta printer while the other would control the platter, and synchronize them.

I went through the smoothie documentation and couldn’t find a part dealing with this topic.
Does anyone here know how to do that ?


Why not use a single board with more axis XYZ & ABC… ???
Have you seen smoothie boards V2 series, you can add extra components you would need…
Seem to be a good candidate.

But I do agree on the missing feature, to have a shared clock (SMPTE kind of), to be able to orchastreted a band of Smoothie . (via PC)

Shared clock would indeed be great for this.

I started the printer conception and I don’t have room to add extra axis.
I’ll take a look at the Smoothie boards V2 series, thanks.