Confused with G0 movement

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Hi all,

I’ve had the smoothieboard laying on the shelve for a few years. Just got around to playing whit it and installed it in a cheap China CNC mill that (prior to fitting the smoothieboard would accept movement only via a native LPT1 port)

I’ve pretty much solved everything from the information on, and / or googeling around for information. But the behavior I’m experiencing now boggles me. This is probably a minor but at the moment I cannot get my head around it:

G0 X500 will result in a movement of 50mm, instead of what I suspect 500mm. This (division by a factor 10) seems to go for all parameters given.

My Setup:

  • Board: Smoothieboard v1 3x,
  • Firmware: I could not find a version number, but installed the latest “firmware-cnc-latest.bin” 2 days ago,
  • My configuration > (sorry Im not allowed to post links) / FWFyLM2T
  • Prob. not relevant but I send the Gcodes via Pronterface running on Windows 10

Not sure if I left something relevant out, please let me know if I did.

It seems that the same behavior applies to the values in my configuration file.

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Ehm… this is embarrassing… my apologies… I’ve recalculated the steps per unit, and now all is fine.

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