Cone pin laser bed?

I could have sworn I saw here someone who made a cone pin laser bed, but so far I haven’t found such a post. Does this ring any bells?

I recall one about using leather “studs” which are cone shape. might help you find it using that term in your search vs pins :slight_smile: I know I considered building one at some point but got lazy and still use honeycomb on a small lab jack lol

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Easy way to make a similar bed is to use a honeycomb bed and insert aluminum pop rivets upside down into the bed. I use that method and it eliminates almost all flashback marks from the work piece you are cutting.

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I must be remembering it from sampling old posts during the Google+ import, before I had a ghost of an idea of having my own laser at all, let alone going full-on DIY…

I’ve been having difficulty finding honeycomb cell material for purchase. LO sells several different sizes of constructed bed, but this is one of the few problems that I know I haven’t solved for my oversized DIY design.

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My LO bed surface has a matrix of holes drilled in it.
I use these stud spikes, with short [all-thread] screws, under objects placed anywhere on the bed.