Compiling SD bootloader

(Jittu Singh_SW) #1

I have added a relay to p2_11 which turns on with logic zero to optocoupler input.

I added this line to main.c in bootlader

GPIO_init(P2_11); GPIO_output(P2_11); GPIO_write(P2_11, 1);

to turn off the relay when bootloader starts and not turn on relay accidentally if smoothie fails to start

but i dont have any experience in compiling the modified code

need help

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(Wolfmanjm) #2

The bootloader can take very little extra code as it is already preyy much near the maximum size it can be. So I suggest you find an alternative way to do what you want, ot find a way to reduce the size of the bootloader, or make the bootloader use more flash and change the start address of smoothie.