Community content porting to makerforums soon! Please use the "use Google" option to log

(Michael K Johnson) #1

Community content porting to makerforums soon!

Please use the “use Google” option to log in at using the same account you use to log into Google+ now, and you will own all your ported content. This does not give makerforums access to your google account. It means only that Google validates that you own the account, and once we know that, you will still be able to edit your ported content from Google+! You don’t have to keep using google authentication after that; you can create an account, or authenticate with other sites like github. We plan to add more over time.

I have been improving my import tool as I imported (so far) the ChiliPeppr, HercuLien/Eustathios, R7, OX, LaserWeb/CNC, and K40 communities to makerforums. The K40 community was the largest port, with over 5000 G+ posts and their associated comments. This 3D Printing community has almost 23,000 posts (and many comments per post) and the import process might take a few days. It has recently taken 14-15 hours just to update the archive of data from the community!

Videos posted directly to Google+ are not preserved in the port, and I am sad that the +1s on Google will not turn into “likes” on the forum; the data I am working with does not include that information.

If you know of other maker communities that would be valuable to preserve in this way, please comment and plus-mention me!


(Michael K Johnson) #2

While the +1 data was not there, many videos ended up being preserved after all!

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(Anthony Bolgar) #3

That is excellent news. No wonder I pay you the most out of everyone involved :wink:

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