Colorduino > Arduino code conversion by Jason Coon

Jason Coon, thanks so much for your conversion code which resides on the Github site. There is a consistent error code in every sketch and I can’t figure out why.

ParticleSysConfig g(LED_WIDTH, LED_HEIGHT);

Error States: ‘ParticleSysConfig’ does not name a type: did you mean ‘ParticleSys’?

If you can tell me how to fix this then all the sketches should work. Right?
Thanks in advance

Hi @FredEBear! Content from @Jason_Coon that you see here was imported to MakerForums from Google+ when Google shut down Google+, and he has not yet logged into MakerForums, so he isn’t here to see your question.

The reason that you couldn’t post your question in #electronics:fastled is that while there is an archive of old Google+ FastLED content on Maker Forums, the FastLED community has requested that new conversation happen on Reddit:

Thank you. I’ll give it a try.