Collecting...collecting....collecting.... (and yeah, the diamond-plate won't be structural...or, sadly, mostly visible.

Collecting…collecting…collecting… (and yeah, the diamond-plate won’t be structural…or, sadly, mostly visible. It’ll be between the built frame, a layer of cork, a heated bed, and a glass build surface. 12"x12"

There’ll be a week’s delay while the family vacations in Virginia…I’ll use that time to order, I dunno… @igus_Inc parts? :smiley:

Diamond plate is a good idea for a bed platform. You can’t buy plate aluminum locally or for a not ridiculous price anywhere around me. I’ll have to check out diamond plate prices at menards

Its relatively cheap and available, its just not very precise, nor would it be thermally homogenous…luckily, I’m not relying on it for either.

Right. I would be using it like you are.