Coincidence or fate?

So my wife wanted to get the ol’ Christmas tree out and make sure it will be ready to go after Thanksgiving. It is called a Stow and Go tree. It has a motor that extends it for use or compacts it for storage. Well I plugged it in and heard a pop in the controller. Opening it up, I found a blown electrolytic cap. A week or so ago, I ordered an assorted set of electrolytic caps to replenish my dwindling supply. It just so happens to have the correct value and a bit higher voltage to the one that blew. 20 minutes later I had the tree operational again. I guess I must be psychic!


Huh! Is this what you mean?
I have been doing this for years.

Benefits: Takes 10min to set up each year.
Negatives: Ya it looks exactly the same each year:).

I never imagined a powered one???