Cohesion3D New Smoothie Firmware

Cohesion3D have released an updated firmware for their smoothie-based boards. They say that it’s increased the speed of raster processing so that it’s now as fast, if not faster than, GRBL. In LightBurn, you need to enable “Smoothie Clustering”.

Does anything need to be changed in LaserWeb, or should it just work out of the box?


As far as I know, it only works with LightBurn at this time.

As I understand they have added an additional raster command to this special version, so multiple pixels could be transferred in one gcode line. This is proprietary and not implemented in LaserWeb (or any other host software, as far as I know).

I eventually can add it to LaserWeb, if I get the specification of the special gcode command.
@raykholo: Do you have any details on that?