Cohesion3D LaserBoard successfully(?) installed

This morning I was successful in installing my new Cohesion3D LaserBoard and mA meter. I wanted to install the meter so I can utilize the digital board to set the power, but really know where the power is set with the meter.

I haven’t done anything with the machine other than aligning the mirrors when I received it about 5 weeks ago. I wanted to use Lightburn, so I figured I’d just wait.

I have one question (for now, I’m sure I’ll be back…):

I plugged everything in and then shut it all down to go eat lunch. I noticed what sounds like air/water running and finally isolated it the stepper motor. I can’t freely move the gantry, so I’m guessing there’s a capacitor somewhere still providing power, or did I screw something up?

I should have noted that I have unplugged everything - air, water and even the machine.

Aha! That’s where my over-unity power generator went! I want it back! :rofl:

Seriously… I see your wiring shows the same attention to detail as the cabinetry. Would I guess right that the Shapeko in the corner of the image was involved some of those cabinet components?

A capacitor couldn’t power the stepper for a meaningful amount of time like that. If it’s still hard to move, did you try unplugging the stepper wires from the Cohesion3D controller to see if that made it easier to move?

Note that you never want to move a stepper motor connected to a controller quickly; the stepper motor is a generator and it’s possible to fry the stepper motor drivers if you run it quickly enough that you overwhelm the protection built into the drivers.

Surprisingly, that’s from the factory…so when I tore it apart, I had to put it back.

Yep, although it doesn’t have enough bed space to effectively cut cabinet sides, it made the handles, so I don’t think it’s too jealous of it’s new step-brother. Until I got this K40 up and running, I was plotting for a larger CNC router…now I’m not so sure!

So that turned out to be the solution - the board has it’s own power supply that it continuously passes to the motors.

Yep, learned that with the Shapeoko.