Coding Smoothie 1 or 2 using LPCXpresso

Hi. I’m just about to jump in trying to develop for Smoothie. I’m tempted to leave my Smoothieboard in my laser for testing and do the initial coding and debugging on an LPCXpresso board. I’m not after a way to make my own Smoothieboard equivalent - just to facilitate coding for the real thing.

I’m familiar developing other (mostly TI) microcontroller stuff but not too experienced with LPC. I’ve read the Smoothie On A Breadboard page but have a few of questions. If anyone can help with some that would be appreciated.

  1. I assume the newer version of the LPCXpresso 1769 board is OK. The original one has been replaced by the LPC1769 LPCXpresso with CMSIS-DAP. Sorry - I’m to new to link to them. I’m happy to try if nobody else has.
  2. Why does the LPCLink part have to be disconnected? I’d have thought that would be really useful for debugging. If there’s a feature that clashes with this then it might be worth temporarily disabling.
  3. Is it worth me getting an LPCXpresso 4337 board too for potentially playing with “Smoothie2 on a Breadboard”? If this won’t work then I won’t bother.

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I’m answering some of my own post here…

  1. In the hour or two I hesitated, it looks like Farnell UK has sold out of all their LPCXpresso 1769 board. I’ll have to wait to find out.
  2. It looks like the mbed functionality (firmware deployment via a USB mass storage device, etc.) doesn’t play nicely with JTAG