CO2 tubes in EU

I’m based in Bulgaria and am looking for a supplier for parts for a CO2 laser engraver. Any EU company should be ok. Does anybody have any recommendations?

I’ve also seen quite a bit of variance in price. What should I be looking for when purchasing the tube? My budget isn’t very high, but I need something that will be reliable! My machine is a 60W gweike Storm 600.

I am based in Serbia and there are 2 main suppliers of lasers from China here (one of them got me my laser) and also there are representatives of Trotec and bigger companies available. I can send you a contact of the Chinese laser suppliers to see if they have or can get you the tubes you need if you want.


Yes please that would be great! I’ve spoken to a couple of suppliers from China including the manufacturers of my machine and they quoted me >$400 for delivery. Do you know companies with cheaper delivery options?


PM sent. I did not want to put links to ads here. If that is ok I can put it all in this topic

It’s definitely OK to provide useful links to commercial services here. Please do provide the links to suppliers who you have found, so that the next person looking for this information can find it easily. :heart:

We even allow commercial parties to provide those links themselves, as long as the substantial majority of what they post is not commercial (therefore, the they can’t post commercially until after they start participating in the community meaningfully) and they always disclose that they have a financial stake.

Here’s the section of our FAQ that addresses that: FAQ - Maker Forums

It’s definitely valuable to the community here to be able to find replacement parts for machines. :relaxed:


Thanks for notifying lazy me for that :slight_smile:

Here is the biggest supplier of CO2 lasers from China for Serbia. Here is their ad for tubes, and their email. Their site seems down at the moment but it will be on this link if it starts working at some time

I am not sure how they would do shipping to Bulgaria but probably that can be arranged since they ship to Macedonia.

Here is the other supplier with who you can check also. I bought my laser from the first company and so far I am satisfied, but it generally comes preassembled from China so that is what you get.

Hope it helps

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That’s great, thank you! I’ll get in touch and let you know how i get on.

Another question… This is the first time I’ve bought a new tube. Are they universal fit? Ill leave a couple of pictures below of my current tube.

Also the hyperlink for the supplier email address isn’t working for me. Are you able to copy and paste the email address?


Here is the email:
As for the tube replacement, I am new to lasers and could not tell you anything. Lets wait for veterans answer

Length is the primary factor in power. But sometimes there are slight differences, and you will want to make sure that the tube will fit lengthwise.

There are different widths. You will want the same width in order to fit the bracket you have, if nothing else.

I haven’t heard of incompatibilities in voltage given the same physical tube size, but I might be missing something.

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I think @mcdanlj is referring to the diameter of the tube. If you have access to a 3D printer, you can usually make some brackets if the new tube is not fitting the old ones.

Great. Thanks again everyone

Local suppliers are selling 60W tubes that are 100cm in length, but my current tube is 60W and 120cm. Do the different lengths here result in different power outputs? And if so is one referring to maximum power and the other to actual power rating?

I only need to use the tube at around 25% power so will a slightly shorter tube matter for my purposes if it’s still marketed as 60W?

What brands of tubes are they offering?

I agree that all the 60W tubes I see for sale here in the US are around one meter long, regardless of diameter; I see a 1 meter long 50mm and 1080mm long 80mm diameter tube. I would expect you to be OK.

I know that my (1400mm) Reci tube was sold to me as a 100W tube but was tested to 114W.

Anyone else know anything particular here that I might be missing?

In the end I found some suppliers in Bulgaria.

I have the tube installed and it was working, mirrors aligned etc. But now the laser cutting out intermittently. I managed to do a couple of test cuts and it was working ok, but now I can’t even get it to send a pulse.

Any recomendations of what to try? Could it be an electrical issue?


Start by pushing the test button down on the LPS.
If that fires the laser then the problem is usually other than the LPS.
Post a picture of the connector side of the LPS.

Sorry I’m very new to this! What’s the LPS?

My bad; LPS = Laser Power Supply

Is that on the control panel? I press the pulse button to fire the laser, and sometimes it fired a pulse and sometimes it doesn’t which I find quite strange

It’s not the control panel its the High Voltage power supply for the tube.
It is connected to the anode of your tube.