CO2 Laser Tube exposed wire

hello all, I just recently purchased a 40W CO2 Laser Tube. I noticed there is a weird stray copper wire coming out from the negative anode that is looped and tied around the lens frame. Can anyone explain what this is and its purpose? Is it safe to have it exposed like that, do I need to “cut it off”?

I believe it should be safe; it’s at ground potential (the same as the case).

No idea what it is for though…

Do you have any explanation as to why its there? All the other laser tubes i’ve seen online in their images I have yet to see this one strand of copper wire. So if the laser is running, I’m ok to leave this thing exposed in the event I accidently touch it?

It should not create a problem and I do not know why it’s there. You could contact the vendor.

More importantly, you have to ensure that your machine is safe!

Your machine needs interlocks on the laser tube cabinet. If you touch that end (cathode) you will not likely get shocked if you in any way get connected to the other (anode) you will be electrocuted.

Install interlocks if they are not already in the machine!