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Hello everyone,

I converted a CNC machine with a smoothieboard. I’m able to home and jog the machine but I have some issues when using the “cnc-ui” web interface. First of all only the jogging of the Z-axis is working (That’s not a huge issue) but more importantly I can’t start a program. I’m able to upload a program to the sd card but I don’t know how to start it. I looked everywhere on the internet but there is pretty much no documentation on the cnc web interface and nobody seems to be using it, Am I running into a known bug or am I doing something wrong (most plausible answer!) ? Some advice about using this interface would be greatly welcome!
Thank you and have a nice day!

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(Arthur Wolf) #2

All interfaces but the “classic” one are in beta, so this is expected, and it’ll only be fixed as things keep moving forward with their development.
The “new web interface” one I think is more mature/stable, and is adapted for CNC.

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My bad! I tried again and it seems to work!
Thank you for the quick answer!