CNC two controllers

Hello all.
I got a 1mx1m workbee from ooznest works great.
It came with a duet 2 I have a ethernet version.

My issue is I brought a cheap 15w laser module I wanted to “bolt” on, I really wanted to use lightburn as I already use this with my k40 and it is brill.

From my understanding the duet won’t fully work with lightburn.

I have a spare C3d controller and was thinking if it was possible to run the machine with 2 controllers Duet for the mill and C3d for laser.

I wouldn’t want to combine laser and mill jobs effectively just share the X Y motors.

I don’t know if this is possible any advice would be good.

Regards Mike

The C3D board will also work as a CNC controller. You could just replace the Duet board with the C3D board and put the GRBL-LPC firmware on it which will let you run any CNC sender program as well as LightBurn.

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