CNC Remote: X and Y axis work :) At least with a preset multiplicator...

CNC Remote: X and Y axis work :slight_smile:
At least with a preset multiplicator…

Would love to use the selector on the remote itself and add the Z axis too. Any ideas where to start?

@Jorge_Robles Could you add these bindings?

#1 “Jog stepsize has no keybindings yet. I suppose will go like ctrl+alt+1,2,3,4” and

#2 an alternative shortcut for the Z axis (the existing flips my screen)

Will try :slight_smile:

@Jorge_Robles I don’t want to create an overflow, but with the #3 I would like to add:

  • home
  • run / pause
  • set zero (one for each axis) and
  • check size

Actually there a nice new rotary encoder to i2c that could be used to make a nice cnc controller

UPCOMING 1.0.19:

ctrl+alt+{1…4} change step size
ctrl+alt+h home all
ctrl+alt+{x|y|z} homing XYZ
ctrl+alt+c check size
ctrl+alt+shift+{x|y|z} set zero
ctrl+alt+shift+r run/pause

cannot provide z jog alternative… is being very crowded :expressionless: check your laptop bindings

@Jorge_Robles Sounds great and thank you very much :slight_smile:
Will try to switch the bindings for the z axis.
@Thomas_Staub As I said today, the people behind LW are incredible responsive. :sunglasses:

Nice one ! You are giving me ideas :wink: I’m not use to the encoder so I’ll give a try with this

@Maxime_Favre Neither am I. :wink: But there are prebuilt scripts for such encoders. So no big deal.
As soon as everything ist working, I’ll share the files.

What are the functions of the four blue buttons?


  • home
  • run / pause
  • set zero (depending on selected axis)
  • check size

Do you use the numpads bindings (4-6, 2-8, ±) for axis jog ?

Check Jorge Robles post in this thread :slight_smile:

Great stuff. Thanks for the link.

Can we get a keymapping for increase or decrease step size, in addition to crtl+alt+(1…4)? Maybe ctrl+alt+(.) And ctrl+alt+(,)?