CNC Remote: X and Y axis work :) At least with a preset multiplicator...

(Kurt Meister) #1

CNC Remote: X and Y axis work :slight_smile:
At least with a preset multiplicator…

Would love to use the selector on the remote itself and add the Z axis too. Any ideas where to start?

(Kurt Meister) #2

@Jorge_Robles Could you add these bindings?

#1 “Jog stepsize has no keybindings yet. I suppose will go like ctrl+alt+1,2,3,4” and

#2 an alternative shortcut for the Z axis (the existing flips my screen)

(Jorge Robles) #3

Will try :slight_smile:

(Kurt Meister) #4

@Jorge_Robles I don’t want to create an overflow, but with the #3 I would like to add:

  • home
  • run / pause
  • set zero (one for each axis) and
  • check size
(Glenn West) #5

Actually there a nice new rotary encoder to i2c that could be used to make a nice cnc controller

(Jorge Robles) #6

UPCOMING 1.0.19:

ctrl+alt+{1…4} change step size
ctrl+alt+h home all
ctrl+alt+{x|y|z} homing XYZ
ctrl+alt+c check size
ctrl+alt+shift+{x|y|z} set zero
ctrl+alt+shift+r run/pause

cannot provide z jog alternative… is being very crowded :expressionless: check your laptop bindings

(Kurt Meister) #7

@Jorge_Robles Sounds great and thank you very much :slight_smile:
Will try to switch the bindings for the z axis.
@Thomas_Staub As I said today, the people behind LW are incredible responsive. :sunglasses:

(Maxime Favre) #8

Nice one ! You are giving me ideas :wink: I’m not use to the encoder so I’ll give a try with this

(Kurt Meister) #9

@Maxime_Favre Neither am I. :wink: But there are prebuilt scripts for such encoders. So no big deal.
As soon as everything ist working, I’ll share the files.

(Peter Spiess) #10

What are the functions of the four blue buttons?

(Kurt Meister) #11


  • home
  • run / pause
  • set zero (depending on selected axis)
  • check size
(Maxime Favre) #12

Do you use the numpads bindings (4-6, 2-8, ±) for axis jog ?

(Kurt Meister) #13

Check Jorge Robles post in this thread :slight_smile:

(Ken Campbell) #14

Great stuff. Thanks for the link.

(Ken Campbell) #15

Can we get a keymapping for increase or decrease step size, in addition to crtl+alt+(1…4)? Maybe ctrl+alt+(.) And ctrl+alt+(,)?