CNC.js to control CNC Router

We are thinking about buying a chinese 6090 Router. These Routers comes with different controllers:

  • Mach3 Motion Card (connects via USB to a computer)
  • DSP (with a remote controller)
  • and others

Since I’m running my old cnc with GRBL and CNC.js (running on a Raspi), I cannot think of stepping back to a solution like DSP or Mach3.

Has anybody expierence with that and would share it with me?

I dont think, that CNC.js can talk to the Mach3 Motion Card. But If I got a parallel port on the mill, then I could use something like GRBL to DB25 CNC Shield Kit and stay with CNC.js.


I think some of those are just renamed NVEM Motion boards and Scott A has ported the Remora firmware to run on a few of them( Remora - Rpi Software Stepping Using External Microcontroller via SPI - LinuxCNC ). But that’s LinuxCNC and not CNC.js.

But the threads might tell you a bit more about the cards and compatibility because just putting “Mach 3” in the name doesn’t always mean it will only work with the Mach 3 control software.

This was the discussion which pointed to those driver boards being NVEM units - NOVUSUN ethernet motion card with LINUX CNC? - LinuxCNC

And for some video of what Scott does to make a Mach 3 controller usable with LinuxCNC on an Raspberry Pi - Remora NVEM Getting Started - YouTube


Updates from China:

Since we want a toolchanger and a 4th axis, they recommendet to switch to a Weihong controller (similar to the one below):

Does anybody have some experience with them?