CNC and 3D printing Smoothieware

I’m trying to create a modular fabrication system that can swap between cnc milling, laser engraving, and 3d printing, and I’m having troubles with the firmware. We are using an Azteeg x5 GT, and we’re not sure what version of smoothieware is uploaded. We have 3d printing and laser functional, but trying to integrate a spindle is proving difficult as looks like our version of smoothieware does not have the spindle module compiled into it. Looking through the cnc build, it looks like the temperature and extruder modules are not included in the cnc build, which we would need for 3d printing. Does anyone have a build that includes the spindle, temperature, and extruder modules, or know how I could create a build that would do all three?

Also a side note would be how can I check the current build?

Thanks a ton.

You are going to need to edit the makefile to force it to include he modules you want. There are flags for each module ( read the makefile and it’s dependencies a bit ), and as soon as you set those to 1, the module will compile in, even if it’s by default disabled by that specific build.