Cloudray "18mm/20mm" heads?

Hi all, hope someone can help please! Had no reply from Cloudray themselves yet…

I currently have a Chinese laser cutter with an 80W Cloudray tube in it, and a Cloudray blue anodised head containing an 18mm lens.
I recently purchased a 20mm lens to make cutting easier; as it appeared from Cloudray’s Amazon and eBay listings like the head I have is compatible with 18 and 20mm lenses.

This seems NOT to be the case, unless I’m being stupid and missing something obvious… AM I being stupid and missing something obvious? LOL

If not, does anyone know where best to get hold of a 20mm head, please?

Screenshot of the head I have from Amazon.

Pics of the 18 and 20mm options are identical on there!

Can you share a picture of your current laser head to make it clear what type you have?

Those heads aren’t compatible with both lens sizes. You have to have the one make for a 20mm lens. If you have a 20mm head you could use a 18mm lens with a spacer but not the other way around.

If you have the K series head then this Amazon listing has an option for 20mm lens.

Cloud ray makes different styles of heads so if you could post a pic like Michael suggested we could confirm your setup.


Probably need a ‘C’ series lens tube. It will hold both 18 & 20mm lenses.

Doubt it will fit on the head you have, but don’t know.

2" in a ‘C’ series tube…

Different ways to combine lenses and holders.

If you can make the changeover it has bennifits.

Mine came from Russ Sadler and here ‘was’ his price list

Looks like the ‘hole’ in the head is offset like mine was…

Good luck