Closed Loop Alarm - Best way to do this?


I got 4 Closed Loop stepper drivers and I wish to wire the alarm pin to the smoothieboard so it will stop if one motor trigg the pin. Best way is to use the kill button ( ) ?

Optional, but I would also like to be able to trigg the error 145 ( ), is the possible?

Thanks !

Do you have details on the drivers and what they do on the alarm pin? (I’m not sure there’s enough detail here for @Arthur_Wolf to answer.)

Yes, using the kill button is probably what you want. However I don’t think you can trigger a specific error, because the error number system is still a proposed feature

okay cool, thanks Arthur.

I finally used the T1 PIN (as the alarm is NC, so preventing the smoothieboard to boot). Work fine, I just get an “Alarm : Kill switch” or something like this, but it’s fine. I’m trying not to have to deal with it! It’s just an “in case of”.