Clearpath servo intro video


@Chris_Purola_Chorca check out 1:51 clearpath sd

it’s called the “stepper killer”

SO spensive though! I feel like we should be able to cook something up.

Overkill much? Are you planning on building a 3D printer the size of a car?!?

(but it does look like cool technology)


@SirGeekALot I want to scale it to nema 17

@D_Rob I wonder if the stepper guys at robotdigg are up for a co venture with you.

I can always check. Alright… I’m taking donations. I need 300 people to donate a dollar through paypal to the cause. I will purchase one nema 23 “stepper killer” for reverse engineering. I will do a video teardown. I will take many many photographs and post all of my findings. Together we can scale this down, do a pcb and bulk component run and build some nema 11 or 17 versions. Who is with me? Open source all of the way. PM me if you want to help further this approach for future ingentis generations er… iterations.