Hi, Merry Christmas and Happy New (mak)Year to all!

You know in France we make decisions on doing good things during the new year to come. In this context, I’d like to clean the honeycomb metal support of my laser cutting machine, which is getting very dirty, due (I think) to grease or melted glue coming from MDF or plywood during cutting.

Furthermore, when the laser gets through the wood I cut, it touches the support and sometimes it creates small local fires which make stains on the lowerside of the wood.

So, do you have any hints or recipes for cleaning this honeycomb support?

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Thanks for pointing me to this post. I’ll try the vinegar. Have you tested it yourself?
I think the vinegar might rust the metal which is not inox.

Have not tried it myself, but I am sure if you rinse and dry it well enough it should not affect the metal.

If your honeycomb is aluminium then it will be fine for a short exposure (short scrub and rinse). I would not soak it for any real length as time as the acetic acid in the vinegar will react to eat away at the aluminium.