Cleaning honeycomb

Any suggestion for cleaning/deodorizing the honey comb in my laser?
It is becoming rather odiferous when i open my laser.

What do you primarily cut?

1/4 plywood. Maple hardwood. Some acrylic, and corian.

Hmmm…I was thinking that if you cut a lot of acrylic that could be primary cause of the odor as you would be generating some methyl acrylate monomer type products which are fairly smelly. Ethanol (or denatured alcohol) or acetone would be good for removing that type of smelly residue.

I think a steam type cleaner would be ideal for removing most types of residue.

Spay it with something like Krud cleaner and then hose it off, maybe even using a pressure washer without too much force.

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I primarily cut 3mm ply. The best thing I found to clean the residue off is white vinegar. I tried steam, white spirits but vinegar works best. Every few months I give everything a deep clean. I use paper towel to we and use a spray bottle to apply. I do cover the mirrors .