Ciao To The community.

Ciao To The community.
I am looking for a good starter 3d printer avaible in Italy.
Any idea?
Or is convenient a oversea delivery?

Printrbot Jr. is looking like a pretty good entry-level printer. You’d have to have it shipped (or at least I’m not aware of anyone selling them in Italy) -

@Jason_Gullickson the Printrbot Jr isn’t a Reprap. (he posted this under Reprap, so I’m assuming that’s what he wants)

@Davide_Pedretti_Biag , the best place to get started is generally a hackerspace. Even now, I’d start with a Prusa i2.

There is not a section for generic printer, so I choose Reprap…

any type is ok…


Sorry, there was an earlier post about the Jr. so I thought it was on-topic.

I agree tho that the best place to start is make friends with someone nearby whose built &operates a reprap

@Jason_Gullickson you were on-topic afterall =P

Whatever you do DO NOT…I repeat, DO NOT buy from - They import “3D Systems” printers, and 3D systems is starting to become a patent troll in the 3D printing arena, using patents to stifle competition.

And the “RapMan”…it’s the original reprap, the Darwin. Resold under their name with an acrylic frame. So not only are they trying to use patents to stifle the 3D printing community and its developments, but they take open source designs and make money off of them at the same time.

Whatever you do, never, ever give 3D systems any of your business.

I am starting with a Solidoodle. I am getting it on Monday (hope). It come pre-assembled and eats STL file in mm scale.

They’re actually quite easy to avoid. Don’t buy anything that has 3D Systems hands in it.

Italy? 3d Printer?

@Nils_Hitze your link goes to a “strange printer”

Power Wasp is a small pulley with built gasoline engine, tank and gearshift. Finally a solution haul nets, ropes and lines without the need for hydraulic or electrical power. ;))

I can print wit a 3D printer…


Ahh - got the wrong link from my Chrome History, sorry bout that:

hi I find this site

409,00 € is a GREATE price.

what do you think???